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  • Transportation Supervisor:

    Cliff Nelson

    Office hours: 
    Monday - Thursday
    6:00am - 4:00pm




  • It is the mission of the WUSD Transportation Department to transport students to and from school and school-sponsored events in a safe, dependable, and courteous manner. Our top priority is your child’s safety. Please follow these rules to ensure a safe ride to and from school.

    • Follow the bus driver’s directions the first time they are given. 
    • Stay seated while the bus is in motion.
    • Do not throw objects inside the bus or out the bus windows. 
    • Keep all body parts inside the bus. 
    • Keep the aisle clear.
    • Talk in a quiet, conversational tone. Do not use loud or vulgar language. 
    • Treat each other and your driver respectfully. 
    • Please do not push, shove, spit, or fight. 
    • Do not bring food, drink, animals, glass, skateboards, or large objects on the bus. 
    • Students must have written permission to exit the bus at a stop other than their assigned stop. 

    Students will receive an immediate suspension of bus privileges if they do any of the following:

    • Refuse to obey their driver
    • Fail to give their correct name when asked
    • Damage bus property, bus stops, or other student's possessions
    • Cause physical harm or threaten to harm other student
    • If everyone follows bus safety rules, we can assure safe transportation for all students. 

    Bus Stops:

    If you cannot locate the appropriate bus stop on the bus routes map on the left, please call the transportation department at (928) 668-5342 for assistance.

    Driver Qualifications:

    All of our skilled drivers possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and a current CPR-First Aid certification. In addition, they must attend safety training on a regular basis, pass a physical from the Arizona Department of Transportation, have periodic drug screenings, and meet physical performance standards.

    The transportation department continuously accepts applications from skilled drivers. Please refer to our Employment page to download and submit applications under the classified application - school bus driver position posted there.

    Most WUSD buses are equipped with speed governing devices that control the top speed of our buses. If you believe you have seen a district bus exceeding the posted highway speed limit, please contact us at (928) 668-5342. Repositionable cameras are also installed on many of the district’s buses. Camera monitoring helps ensure the safety of our student passengers and our bus drivers. 

    Lost & Found:
    The bust driver collects items left on the bus daily, and he/she keeps items on the bus for a day or two to allow the students to reclaim their items. If students think they have left an item on the bus, have them check with the driver. After a few days the items are brought to the transportation office. If there is a way to identify the owner, we will contact the owner. You can also check with the transportation office at (928) 668-5342 to see if the item has been turned in there. If no owner is identified and the item goes unclaimed, the items we collect will be given to a local charity periodically throughout the year.


    Thank you for helping us keep our buses and our students safe!