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  • Update 08/08/2022
    Return to School/Work after Illness
    The updated Wickenburg Unified School District Mitigation Plan clarifies requirements for students and staff to return to school/work after illness due to COVID-19. Both students and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate at home for the duration of their illness and 24 hours of being symptom free without the use of fever-reducing medication.
    Athlete Participation
    The Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) governs student participation in athletic competition. The AIA is currently reviewing their requirements for participation by athletes who have been exposed to, or tested positive for COVID-19. As soon as WUSD receives their guidelines, the District Mitigation Plan will be updated.

    Update 12/20/2021

    Athlete Participation

    Wickenburg Unified School District has updated the COVID-19 Mitigation plan to include procedures that allow a student athlete to participate in practice and competitions after possible exposure to COVID-19. Please see the update mitigation plan dated 12/14/2021 for detailed requirements.

    Update 9/1/2021

    Covid Response Update

    Wickenburg Unified School District continues to recommend the use of face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Face masks remain optional on all school sites and while riding in school vehicles. 

    Update 6/6/2021


    The Wickenburg Unified School District COVID-19 Mitigation Plan has been updated. The new plan includes an updated definition of "physical distancing" and makes face masks recommended but optional for all students, staff and visitors to our sites, with a few exceptions. Students and staff riding in or operating school vehicles, including school buses will be required to wear a face mask, if physical distancing cannot be maintained. The complete plan is provided on this page.


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