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  •  Jennifer Moran  


    Dear Families,

    We are excited to have students return on Monday October 19, 2020. You will see many changes to our campus, and we appreciate your support.  We have newly painted directional arrows that support physical distancing.  It is only when we can maintain physical/ social distancing that we can remove our masks in buildings.  Yes, we will have to all wear our masks during the school day and inside of classrooms. Do not worry, our teachers have planned breaks for students to go outside as a class and take off their masks.  Mask breaks are a vital part of the educational day at VP.  You will hear us say it's time to step out and take masks off.  Please help to remind your students that when we walk six feet apart, we can take our masks off.  In a classroom, if you are needing a break from the mask, just ask your teacher as they have plans in place to help students adjust to wearing masks. If you have any concerns, please feel free to call the school at 928-684-6700.

    Your students will have new class schedules starting the second quarter.  Please check Parentvue for these changes after October 12, 2020. We plan to mail out report cards, demographic information, 21st CCLC Permission Slips and COVID-19 Parental Acknowledgement and Disclosure Forms during the week of our fall break.  Please have your child return these forms, minus the report card, when they return to school. Thank you for reviewing the VP Parent Student Handbook, particularly the dress code located on page 34-35.  Also note that students will be allowed their choice of water bottle, including hydroflasks. 

    Each day our gates will open at 7:30 for students to grab breakfast or to go directly to their first hour classroom.  Student learning begins at 8 AM and ends at 3:30 PM daily. Our students will change classes and we will have grade level lunches.  Students will also be provided with a recess time each day.  During lunch, only 50 students will be in the cafeteria at a time.  Physical distancing will be supported so students can have their masks off to eat.  As for hand washing, we will ask all individuals to clean their hands with soap and water if they appear soiled.  We have hand sanitizer in every classroom and building for use.

    Our school announcements will be at the end of the day beginning at 3:20 PM.  At the end of the day, we will dismiss students to exit campus using the walking path to the crosswalk,  to parent pickup and bus riders to the bus loop for pick up.  Please help us by communicating with your students daily on how they are going to go home from school.  We will have 21stCCLC programming in a virtual classroom for the second quarter of school.  Students will not be staying on campus after school until programs resume in January.

    If you have any questions that you would like to ask, please feel free to contact the school at 928-684-6700. The office will be open on 10-9, 10-12 and 10-13 and closed the remainder of our fall break.

    Thank you for your participation in student learning,


    Mrs. Moran

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