The Eagle Way

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    At Vulture Peak Middle School the Eagle's RISE  consists of three components:  

    Be Safe

    Be Responsible

    Be Respectful

    Eagles RISE  - Be a kid of Character!!

Character Counts

  • Character is what a person is inside. We reveal our character by how we act when we think no one else is looking. It is how we treat people who we think cannot help or hurt us. A person of good character has good ethical values that distinguish right from wrong and a strong commitment to do what is right even when it is inconvenient, uncomfortable, or personally costly.

    Character is, in short, moral strength. Good character does not develop spontaneously. Rather, it is the result of conscience efforts to instill and reinforce ethical values in a way that makes them second nature.  Our conscience is this sense of right and wrong. Conscience is the moral compass of character.

    To support good values, we have the “Character Counts!” program. It's endorsed by the Wickenburg Unified District, the Governor’s office, and used by many schools nationwide. The Six Pillars of “Character Counts!” are core ethical values, and are not religiously, politically, racially, or ethnically based or biased.

Six Pillars of Character

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    A person of character lives with integrity: is honest, reliable, and loyal: keeps promises, has moral courage to stand up for what is right even when it is hard to do: and does not cheat, steal, or lie.

    A person of character values all persons: respects the dignity, privacy, and freedom of others; is courteous and polite to all: is tolerant and accepting of differences: and does not resort to insults or bad language.


    A person of character meets the demands of duty; is accountable: pursues excellence: practices self- control; and does not give up easily, especially when others are counting on him or her.


    A person of character is fair, just, and impartial; plays by the rules; and is open to different viewpoints; does not seek to lay blame; and does not take advantage of others.


    A person of character is caring, compassionate, kind, loving, forgiving, and considerate; thinks about how his or her behavior affects others; and does a good deed without thought of reward.


    A person of character is a good citizen, does his or her share, volunteers in the community, is a good neighbor, and respects just laws.