Welcome from Principal, Mark Gorman

  • Dear WHS Parents/Guardians, 

    This week, the Arizona Department of Education reported Profile Letter Grades for districts and schools throughout Arizona using “A” through “F” to rate school performance. The Arizona Department of Education's A-F Letter Grades are designed to place equal value on current year achievement and longitudinal academic growth.

    This year, Wickenburg High School received a “B” Letter Grade. In general, the “B” Profile Letter Grade represents the school's level of performance for student achievement and learning growth.  In addition to the overall achievement and growth data, this designation includes learning for targeted groups of students such as those in Special Education or second language programs.  The WHS graduation rate, as well as College and Career Readiness is also factored into the A-F Letter Grades.  

    Though we did have celebrations with some of the data, we recognize that there is a great deal of work to be done and we are committed to continued improvement!  We are charged with providing students with meaningful learning opportunities that prepare them for life beyond WUSD.  Some of the steps include:

    • Before and after school, tutoring in many content areas;

    • The addition of a “Grade Improvement” time for students failing classes;

    • Continued collaboration between teachers to improve instructional practices and develop strategies to better improve student engagement and achievement.

    • Focus on College and Career Readiness, including postsecondary and career exploration, and increasing students enrolled in classes with college credit.

    We are incredibly proud of our hard-working students and educators efforts, who have put forth their best efforts under some difficult circumstances these past two years.

    Additional information on profile letter grades is posted on the Arizona Department of Education’s website, www.ade.az.gov



    Mark Gorman

    WHS/WVA Principal








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