• We are excited to welcome you to our team of dedicated substitute teachers.  WUSD substitutes help fulfil our District vision: EVERY CHILD HAS HOPE, EVERY STUDENT IS A GRADUATE, EVERY GRADUATE HAS A DREAM.   

    Job Description: To continue student learning in the absence of the classroom teacher; to establish effective rapport with students assigned to the classroom, to motivate pupils to develop attitudes and knowledge needed to provide a good educational foundation, in accordance with each pupil’s ability; to establish good relationships with other staff members.  This page will help you begin the process as you work with our Human Resources Department.

    Start with these steps:

    1)  Obtain a Fingerprint Clearance Card by following the online application through the Department of Public Safety

    2)  After you have a Fingerprint Clearance Card, apply for a substitute Certificate through the Arizona Department of Education.

    REQUIREMENTS for the Substitute, PRE-K Teaching Certificate
    certificate is valid for 6 years and is renewable


      Note: Certificate entitles the holder to substitute in the temporary absence of a regular contract teacher.  An individual holding only a Substitute certificate shall not be assigned a contract teaching position and shall be limited to teaching 120 days in the same school each year.  Substitute teaching may not be used to waive the student teaching practicum.


Substitute Teacher