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On Site Learner Lab

  • Beginning on August 17, 2020, we will begin offering on-site learning opportunities and support services for students who need a place to go during the school day for a variety of reasons. 

    • Please be advised that the Learner Lab and support services are not teacher-led classroom instruction. The Learner Lab will include in-person support for the students during standard school hours, and may include teacher-led or paraprofessional support for students engaging in remote learning instruction. 
    • If you believe your child needs a place to go during the day, please contact your child’s school to discuss whether your child qualifies for this service.
    • Please be advised that access to Learner Labs may be suspended or terminated if the District or the Arizona Department of Health Services advises closing the premises for public health reasons or in the best interests of the staff and students.  


Remote Learning Plan Overview

  • Families

    Remote learning is learning that happens outside of the traditional classroom because the student and teacher are separated by distance and/or time. Remote learning can be real-time or timed with flexibility, and it may or may not involve technology.  Our remote learning goal is to focus on the whole child, to include their mental and emotional health, while keeping them physically safe, fed, and engaged in learning.  We strive to attend to the diversity of each teacher and student to ensure all have access to equitable educational opportunities; delivered via paper, electronically or both. Our teachers select content that aligns to essential state standards, and develop lessons to ensure student engagement and understanding of subject matter.


    • Assignments will be provided that allow students to work independently and/or with the help of a family member. 
    • Whole group and/or small group instruction will be provided. 
    • Students will be offered a variety of instructional activities that incorporate the Arizona State Standards. 
      • Academic Activities (specific content or cross-curricular assignments, non-digital resources, software applications, reading, book studies, math activities, etc.) 
      • Hands-on Activities (art, physical education, music, and/or science experiments)


    • Grades will follow Wickenburg Unified School District Policy IKA, detailed in each school handbook.
    • Grading will be based on the student demonstrating mastery of concepts.  
    • Grades will be based on points earned for completing learning activities with accuracy



    • Daily attendance for all students is expected and will be recorded in school records. Attendance includes active participation in remote learning activities.
    • Parents of students who are ill and not able to participate in learning need to report the absence to the school office. 


    • With the support of the school counselor, teachers will provide students with activities to support their social and emotional needs. 


    • Meal service will be available for all families. Costs for meals and the method for delivery or pick up will be communicated with families by August 3. 
    • Families wishing to apply for Free or Reduced-priced meals may contact the school office or find information at WUSD Food Service.