Employee Incentives

  • Moving Assistance

    Newly hired teachers are able to borrow $500 dollars against their 301 performance pay. This upfront payment is intended to ease burden of moving costs. 

    Van Pool

    WUSD loans a mini-van to a group of teachers that live in the Valley and drive into Wickenburg to teacher daily. The district covers all fuel and maintenance costs. The group meets in Suprise and any commuting staff member can join. 

    Longevity Stipends

    Teachers who remain with the district will receive a stipend in addition to their salary. The amounts are as follows; 5-9 years received $500.00. 10-14 years will receive $750.00. 15+ years will received $1000.00.

    50% Preschool Discount

    All teachers recieve a 50% discount off in-district preschool tuition.

    Profesisonal Growth

    All active teaching staff can participate in the Professional Growth Program. Educational credit hours are submitted on an annual basis and applied towards salary placement.