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Why Work For Us - Employee Incentives

  • Moving Assistance

    Newly hired teachers are able to borrow $500 dollars against their 301 performance pay. This upfront payment is intended to ease the burden of moving costs. 

    Van Pool

    WUSD loans a mini-van to a group of teachers that live in the Valley and drive into Wickenburg daily to teach. The district covers all fuel and maintenance costs. The group meets in Surprise and any commuting staff member may join. 

    Longevity Stipends

    Teachers who remain within the district will receive a stipend in addition to their salary. The amounts are as follows; 5-9 years receive $500.00. 10-14 years will receive $750.00. 15+ years will receive $1000.00.

    Employee Referral Bonus

    Existing employees who successfully recruit new teachers to the district for hard to fill teaching positions (Math, Science, Special Education, School Bus Driver) will earn $500; $250 to be paid upon hire and $250 to be paid once the new teachers signs their second contract in the spring of their first year.

    50% Preschool Discount

    All staff receive a 50% discount on in-district preschool tuition. Both Festival Foothills Elementary School and Hassayampa Elementary School offer preschool programs.

    Professional Growth

    All active teaching staff can participate in the Professional Growth Program. Educational credit hours are submitted on an annual basis and applied towards salary placement.

    Saguaro Program

    This program provides financial reward/reimbursement for classified staff who enroll and complete courses in a teacher preparation program. Each year, the district will accept applications for this program, choose three recipients, who will receive up to $600 for completed college credits in a teacher prep program.

    Teacher Mentorship & New Teacher Support

    Our district provides a mentorship program for new and transferring teachers. This program promotes understanding and uniformity throughout curriculum, standards, assessments, classroom management, and general school information. 

    301 Performance Pay

    Performance Pay will be paid to teachers two times during the current school year, dependent upon successful completion of district established 301 indicators. This money is contingent upon district’s receipt of funds from the state. If the legislature fails to fund fully or partially funds the amounts appropriated for the salaries and benefits portion of the district’s budget, the Governing Board shall reduce pro rata the total amount of compensation due to each employee.

    FREE, 24-Hour Fitness Center

    WUSD staff have access to a 24-hour fitness center, located in Wickenburg. Our fitness center includes a wide variety of weight lifting machines, ellipticals, treadmills, and technology for self-guided workouts. 

    Arizona State Retirement System

    The Arizona State Retirement System is a defined benefit plan available to public sector employees. For more information, please visit the Arizona State Retirement System website. 

     Title I Loan Forgiveness

    Hassayampa Elementary School, Vulture Peak Middle School, and Wickenburg High School are all Title I schools. Working at a Title I school allows a teacher to qualify for a Title I student loan forgiveness program. Please speak with your lender for more details. 

    Grand Canyon University Cohort Tuition Discount 

    GCU offers many online programs that qualify for the cohort discount. For more information, please contact Tay Brunstorff at Tay.Brunstorff@gcu.edu.

    First Financial Supplemental Insurance

    WUSD staff may enroll in supplemental coverages through American Fidelity Offerings include:

    Short Term Disability 

    Long Term Disability 


    Cancer Insurance

    Permanent Life 

    403(b)/Roth 403(b), 457

    Flexible Spending Account 

    For more information: