Online Education at WUSD

  • Wickenburg Unified School District is one of the few districts in the state of Arizona which has a state approved K-12 online school.  The Wickenburg Virtual Academy has been serving students with online learning for decades. Our online program is ready to serve any student who may feel that virtual learning is a better choice, no matter what the reason.  

    Wickenburg Virtual Academy offers a K-5 experience hosted by Edgenuity.  The elementary experience includes a teacher to provide the student with instruction and support, but will also require a "learning coach" to assist the student in the home.  The learning coach can be a parent/guardian or other adult.  

    The 6-12 students experience also utilizes the Edgenuity learning platform to deliver instruction but Wickenburg School District teachers will be operating the courses and will provide students with support. 

    For more information on either  K-5 or 6-12 online programs, please click the student experience video on the left side.

    Families who would like to enroll for the first time in our online academy, please fill out the form on the link below.  If you are unsure, please fill out the pre-registration form and indicate that you are “undecided and only looking for more information about online education”.

    If you would like more information about educational online options, please contact Rose Garcia at

6-12 Information

K-5 Information