• Arizona's Family Channel 3 is sponsoring the annual Silver Apple Award. You may nominate your outstanding teacher at azfamily.com/silverapple. Nomination forms are also available in the Wickenburg Virtual Academy office. The deadline is March 15, 2024.

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  • Registration for 2024-25 School Year is Now Open

    If your student is returning to Wickenburg Virtual Academy or would like to attend Wickenburg Virtual Academy in the Fall, please complete the enrollment packet: http://www.wickenburgschools.org/enroll

    ALL students attending a W.U.S.D. 9 school must fill out the online registration forms.

    If you have any questions, please contact our office at 928-684-6717.


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  • In 2022, Wickenburg Virtual Academy went through the rigorous accreditation process through the Cognia Global Network. Earning this accreditation means that our online school meets the renowned Cognia Performance Standards that define a high-quality educational institution. You can be assured that your student will receive a quality education.

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Welcome to the Virtual Academy

  • Hello Arizona Family and Friends,

    As Wickenburg Unified School District's online school, we strive to meet the needs of all types of students in grades 4-12 throughout the state of Arizona. While we are located in Wickenburg, we serve families from all parts of the Grand Canyon State (and beyond). We are able to do this by partnering with Imagine Learning/Edgenuity to provide rigorous online classes and highly qualified teachers for our students. Take a moment to read about our school and spend time learning about us through our website. 

    Grades 6-12

    Depending on the grade level, full-time online students are required to log 25-30 hours per week (Sunday through Saturday).  Highly qualified teachers present lessons through videos and incorporate various hands-on engaging activities, which students have access to, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our district teachers also supplement each course with additional resources to help the learning process. Within each course, a Course Map is provided.These “maps” provide students guidance for pacing so that they complete courses by the end of the academic block or semester. Students and parents know exactly when every assignment for the course is due and the estimated time of how long each assignment will take. Students can learn goal setting, time management, and work/life balance when they correctly use this tool. 

    Another important tool offered in most Edgenuity core classes is Guided Notes. Students use these Guided Notes to learn how to determine important information presented.  A quiz will be taken after each lesson, and a test finalizes the unit, with cumulative exams/final tests rounding out the assessments.  All notes taken by the student can be used on any of the assessments. District policy states that the final must be passed with a 60% or higher to earn credit for the course. 

    District-hired highly qualified teachers and staff monitor and support students’ progress and are available to help students when needed.  The WVA lab is open to provide a place for students to come in and get additional help if needed. However, the only times that full-time online students are required to physically come to the WVA lab is for end of course Final Cumulative Exams and State-mandated testing.  


    Grades 4-5

    Full-time online students are required to log 25 hours per week (Sunday through Saturday).  For these grade levels, there is one teacher that manages all four content areas for the student. Each teacher provides weekly assignments for the students to complete. According to the Imagine Learning website, 

    Using a combination of animations, simulations, video-led direct instruction, relevant websites, and a myriad of activities that support the lesson’s topic, students have a wealth of information at their fingertips that can be reviewed as many times as necessary to achieve mastery. Edgenuity strongly believes that each student is unique and acquires information in his or her own way. As a result of that belief, our courses are designed to provide students with activities that support the ways they learn best: seeing, hearing, and touching the course materials.

    In addition to the online curriculum, there should be a family member at home that serves as a learning coach to help the student navigate their educational adventure!

    A Quick Checklist of Our School

    • Virtual teachers will monitor student progress, grade assignments, hold virtual office hours, communicate with students, parents, and WVA staff to provide necessary support to the students. 

    • A Family Portal is available for parent(s)/guardian(s) to monitor student progress in courses, grades, and attendance. 

    • Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their student’s learning process by ensuring student participation and completion of assignments.

    • It is required that all full-time online students participate in state testing. If a student does not attend a mandated state test, they may be withdrawn from our school. The WVA staff will notify parents of upcoming testing sessions. (ARS 15-808).

    • Due to our block schedule, the opportunity to transition to in-person learning (traditional campus) can only occur at semester break for grades 9-12.

    • If the academic achievement of a student declines while participating in Arizona online instruction, a meeting shall be held with parents, teachers, and administration to evaluate whether the student should be allowed to continue to participate in the Wickenburg Virtual Academy. (ARS 15-808)

    • Students in grades 6-12 may be eligible to participate in athletics/activities/events on their home campus, following local school eligibility guidelines.

    •  Students attending WVA full-time who meet graduation requirements will have the opportunity to walk in the May graduation ceremony along with WHS students.

    I am happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please call our office and give me the opportunity to chat with you. 


    Coleen Peterson, WVA Director


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