• Attendance in WVA courses will be measured through participation in assignments, completion, and submission of lessons, reading required novels, and in general correspondence with the WVA teachers, as well as hours recorded in the learning management system.   Attendance will be submitted each week either in hard copy form turned in or online through the StudentVue/ParentVue Portal.  

    • The Arizona Department of Education has determined:
      • High school students will be required to complete at least 112.5 hours for each online semester course
      • Middle school students will be required to complete at least 133.5 hours per online semester.
      • Students in grades 4 - 6 will complete at least 223 hours per subject.

    If students do not log the appropriate amount of time, credit will not be granted for the course.

    The students can schedule their weekly required hours as they like each week, but they need to have the correct total of hours completed for each semester class at the end of 18 weeks.   If evenings and weekends work better for the student, this is fine, but the student will not have the advantage of emailing a teacher and getting a prompt reply immediately back.  All teachers work at school for 9 hours per day and will probably not respond to email questions until the next day.  Teachers will post their WVA office hours to check progress and answer emails each day, so the student knows when to expect a reply.   The attendance log will be submitted each week.   All WVA courses are designed to be highly interactive and require that the students participate in the course content online each week, and communicate with instructors.  A student’s learning and ultimate success depends upon participation.  

    Drop/Withdrawal Policy

    Extended periods of non-participation in an online class will be evident in the following ways:

    1. Failure to log into the course following attendance guidelines, or complete assignments.

    2. Failure to communicate with the instructor through email.

    3. Failure to submit required lessons online or offline assignments to teachers.  

    In any instance where technical difficulties prevent a student from full participation in the course, students must let WVA staff know immediately.  We will work with the WUSD IT department, and try to brainstorm a solution.  If our lab is open (no school closures or emergencies), then one solution is for the student to ride a bus, come in and attend our school lab 1 or 2 days per week, unless disciplinary incidents prevent this from being an option.  If students fail to log in, complete assignments, and/or communicate with instructors by email – you will: 

    1. Receive a warning by email, phone, and mail.  (We are not liable if addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses are out of date.)  This will be done when we see NO work, and NO login or communication for an extended time.

    2. After 4 weeks of inactivity and/or lack of progress in the course curriculum, the class(es) will be deactivated. 

    3. A message will be sent to parents and the student informing them of deactivation. If, after 5 days, there is no response, the student will be withdrawn from school for that semester.