Principal's Message

  • Hello Hassayampa Families!


    I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying our beautiful Arizona weather! It is wonderful to see students able to fully enjoy their time at recess! I have seen a few teachers sneak some lessons outside. Having the ability to fully enjoy this wonderful weather can only enhance our education system.  

    As you may know, there is a nationwide teacher shortage. It has been quite challenging to find qualified teachers.  In addition to these challenges, the Department of Education has had many delays in certifying teachers. I am VERY happy to announce that we have a new special education resource teacher, Mrs. Cendana, who will be working with preschool - fifth grade students with IEPs. Also, Mrs. Angeli is starting as our new art teacher! She will be working with K-8 students from Hassayampa and Vulture Peak MS. Both teachers come to us with a wealth of knowledge and we are excited to have them join the Hassayampa Family.

    Our students have gotten right to work for the second quarter! During November, students will be completing mid-year benchmark assessments to ensure we are all on the right track.

    Please make sure you are staying connected with your child’s teacher. Together, we will ensure that our students continue to grow! 

    Thank you for your support!  

    Mrs. Hershkowitz

    Principal, Hassayampa Elementary School


  • Here on our news page we will keep you posted on all upcoming events and activities. Check back often for any new developments!

  •  Galileo Benchmark Assessments


    Benchmark assessments occur several times throughout the school year. The data collected is reviewed by teachers to ensure that learning is on track and that grade level standards are being met.

    • Our second Galileo benchmark will occur at the beginning of November. This information will give teachers a picture of how students are learning at this point in the year, and determine what next steps may be.
    • Our final Galileo benchmark occurs in May. This information will measure students' learning for the school year and inform instructional needs for the upcoming year.  

    To better understand the purpose of this test, the District created this video - click on the link Benchmark Testing.

  • School Supplies for the 2021-2022

    Please don't be concerned if you are unable to get all of the school supplies. There is help available through the school. Notify your child's teacher or the school counselor for assistance. Also, consider creating a supply box for the home in the event there are temprorary closures which would require remote learning.

    Student Supply List

    School is well under way. The one supply that seems of greatest need are headphones for students to use during computer time.


    Communication is essential! We encourage all parents to reach out to their child’s teacher with questions and concerns as we continue to strive for academic excellence. You will find teachers’ email addresses right here on our school website.  Many families enjoy the convenience of using Class Dojo for communication as well. Keep in mind that Class Dojo doesn’t necessarily alert the teacher when a message has come through. If there is a delay in communication, please contact the teacher through the school email. 

    It is important that the schools have your current contact information - email & phone. Please contact the school office to provide updates.


    Students need to be on time and ready for school each morning! It is important to establish routines to reduce morning chaos. We recommend the following, but figure out what works for you and your family. 


    1. Lay out clean clothes, underwear, socks, and face covering. 
    2. Organize backpack and have it ready.
    3. Put a jacket with your backpack if needed.
    4. Brush teeth.
    5. Shower or bath with soap! (This can be in the morning)
    6. Read a bedtime story.


    1. Shower or bath, if not done the night before.
    2. Brush teeth. 
    3. Brush hair.
    4. Put on clean clothes, underwear, and socks.
    5. Eat breakfast. (if eating school breakfast, arrive at 7:45)
    6. Get backpack and face covering.
    7. Arrive at school BEFORE 8 am. Classwork starts at 8:00.

    Thank you for your help in starting the day right!

  • A Note from the Health Station


    We have to be certain that students who are ill stay home. If your child is running a fever, he/she may not return to school until he/she is fever free without medication for 24 hours. 

    According to the Maricopa County Dept of Public Health, more than half of elementary aged children with COVID-19 report fever &/or headache. Fevers are the most common in preschool aged children.

    If your child is ill and must miss school, please give us a call to let us know - 928-684-6750.

    Should your child become sick while at school, you will be called to pick your child up. Make sure you are avilable or that you have a Plan B if you aren't availble. Be prepared! 


Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders


    As we prepare for the school, it is very important that all families understand the safety measures in place for our parking lot. Thank you for taking the time to review this information.

    The student drop off in the morning is the parking lot in front of the stairs to the school. A staff member will be our greeter. A staff member will be on duty at 7:45 a.m.  Please do not drop your child off until you see someone on duty. For longer stops, please park and walk your child to the sidewalk. We do not permit students in the parking lot without an adult. For those times that you may need to be somewhere early, please make arrangements for your child to either ride the bus or be taken to school by someone else. For the FIRST week only, parents will be permitted to walk students to class. 

    In the afternoon, parents may wait in line for their child to be sent to their car or park in the lot and wait for students at the gate. Again, we do not permit students in the parking lot unless escorted by an adult. Please do not call your child from the car as we will not allow him/her to enter the lot. This is for your child’s safety. Please follow the traffic flow through the parking lot and be courteous to drivers and pedestrians. Kindergarten students are the first to exit the building, and will come down the ramp. A staff member will be on duty at the ramp gate. No visitors will be permitted beyond the gate. Please let the supervisor know which child is yours. Supervisors may ask for identification.

     Parking Lot

Reading Progress



    At this time, Hassayampa is fortunate to have one-to-one Chromebooks available in all classrooms. These Chromebooks have been paid for by a variety of grants as well as through our Tax Credit funds. We are grateful to our generous community for supporting us in this way!

    If you want to help support this technology, many classrooms still need headphones. 

    Thank you for your support!