Academic Standards

  • Arizona is working to implement new standards in English language arts and mathematics, called Arizona’s  Standards. The Arizona Standards will ensure your child has the academic knowledge and skills to be successful in college, career, and life. Academic standards set the expectation for what students need to know and be able to do in each grade and subject. They form the foundation of what teachers teach and students learn in the classroom.
    The new standards are important because they will not only improve what your child learns, but how he learns by teaching critical-thinking, problem solving, and effective communication skills. They will also better prepare your child to compete for the jobs of the future with students from around the world.


    Arizona K-12 Academic Standards - English Language Arts

    Arizona K-12 Academic Standards - Mathematics


    Teachers follow the set state curriculum standards for each subject matter. Check out a listing of all state standards.

    To learn more, visit the Arizona Department of Education. Also, check out Parents' Guide for Student Success.

Hassayampa Math Fact Fluency goals are based on AZ math fluency standards.