Our School

  • Hassayampa Elementary School serves great students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. We are proud of our outstanding students, where over 55% achieve the honor roll each grading period.

Our Mission

  • Hassayampa Elementary School believes in a responsibility shared among students, staff, community, and parents to develop opportunities for learners to achieve maximum academic and personal potential in our changing world.

Our School & Academic Goals

  • We know that it is important to focus on our goals regularly. Our staff works hard to:

    • provide optimal learning in the area of language arts through the consistent implementation of the Reading First Grant skills, strategies, and programs to maximize student success of the national, state, and district reading and writing standards
    • promote a pleasant and comfortable environment for students
    • use the research-based DIBELS assessments in the area of reading to identify those students who are meeting grade level standards as well as those that are in need of interventions in the area of reading

Our Code of Conduct

    • Students are responsible for controlling their own behavior.
    • Schools control the conditions for student behavior.
    • Student discipline is a shared responsibility of school staff, students, and parents.

    For more information, please see the student handbook on our Home page under Parent Information.