• Nurse Shouse

    VP Healthy Tidbits by Nurse Tess Shouse

    Sept., 2023 Edition


    School is back in session full swing! With the resumption of school also comes the sharing of
    germs/illness. If your child is ill with a fever over 100, vomiting, has uncontrolled diarrhea, please keep
    them home to limit spread. Please remember to call the school health office to report your child’s
    We live in the desert and temperatures are still high. Please ensure your child brings a water bottle with
    them daily and remind them Not to share their water bottle with others.
    If your child received any vaccines over the summer please send the updates to the school health office.
    If you received a request for needed/missing vaccines please have this done as soon as possible and
    send updates to the Health office.
    Sports physicals for students who want to participate in sports. Remember your child will need to have
    their sports physical if they want to participate in any school sports. The paperwork for sport
    participation is online in the parent portal. All paperwork including the physical must be uploaded into Rank One prior
    to tryouts. Please do not wait until the last minute to schedule your child’s physical, as this may prevent your
    child from being able to try out and participate in the sport they choose.