• Our goal is to help our students meet the graduation requirements of Wickenburg High School. When a student completes the requirements for graduation, and follows the correct policies and procedures, he/she can receive that diploma and graduate with the Wickenburg High School graduates!

Required Classes

  • Graduation Requirements for Wickenburg Virtual Academy


    Traditional Diploma
    Class of 2017 and beyond
    Grand Canyon Diploma
    Students must apply to be a MOWR student

    English - 4 credits 
    Math - 4 credits 
    Science - 3 credits 
    World History/Geography - 1 credit
    Economics - .5 credit
    American History - 1 credit
    American/AZ Government - .5 credit
    CTE or Fine Arts - 1 credit
    Electives -  7 credits

    Total Credits =  22 credits

    English - 2 credits
    Math - 2 credits
    Science - 2 credits
    World History/Geography - 1 credit
    American History - 1 credit
    Economics - .5 credit
    Fine Arts or CTE - 1 credit
    American/AZ Government - .5 credit
    Successful completion of all required board examinations and credits listed above.

    The Grand Canyon diploma is a differentiated diploma offered after the completion of all required board examinations and GCD required credits. WVA students have the option to work towards this diploma, if desired, instead of earning a traditional diploma. This is the pathway students must take in order to graduate earlier than the traditional four years of high school.   Students must be willing to take Cambridge examinations at the scheduled times, and to score high enough at the benchmark standards throughout the school year to remain in this program.  


  • We require our students to complete course assignments and tests each week, at a passing level, and the student is required to work at least 30 hours per week, and more if the weekly assignments aren't complete and passed.   Each student must submit a time sheet of the hours worked each week - signed by a parent.   Please know this is a state requirement, and we must enter your students' hours every week into the state data file for our school.    Students aren't marked absent with Virtual - they are marked for every minute they work all 7 days.   So, please help us and turn this in every Monday.   It is absolutely mandatory!