• Our goal is to help our students meet the graduation requirements of the Wickenburg Unified School District. When a student completes the requirements for graduation and follows the correct policies and procedures, he/she can receive that diploma and graduate with the Wickenburg High School graduates!

    For up-to-date graduation requirements, see our Student Handbook

Required Classes

  • Graduation Requirements for Wickenburg Virtual Academy


    Traditional Diploma
    Class of 2017 and beyond

    English - 4 credits 
    Math - 4 credits 
    Science - 3 credits 
    World History/Geography - 1 credit
    Economics - .5 credit
    American History - 1 credit
    American/AZ Government - .5 credit
    CTE or Fine Arts - 1 credit
    Electives -  7 credits

    Total Credits =  22 credits