Bond Updates

  • Bond Dollars
    The administration is being very strategic in its planning and spending of the bond dollars. The goal is to be able to go above and beyond the initial quality and scope of each portion of the different projects. It is very exciting. Thank you voters!


    Now completed, the new Transportation Site will house all our buses and white fleet within a secure gated fence.  The building will allow our mechanics to fix buses onsite and even has a washing station. 
    bus yard construction       bus yard construction    bus yard construction     bus yard   bus yard
    Current projects for the beginning of 2018 include installation of security fencing at WHS, Vulture Peak MS and around the new transportation site which will house our buses.  
    picture of fencing at Vulture Peak MS   picture of new fencing at WHS    Picture of fencing around new transportation area
    2017 Fall projects include: paving at the maintence yard and the high school parking lot, roof on the Wrangler Event Center and Vulture Peak buildings as well as work on the new transportation site that will be home for our buses.
    maintenance parking lot    maintenance parking lot    work on Wrangler event center     Vulture Peak roof work   Work on New Transportation site
    Roofing Projects:
    We have begun roofing projects at Wickenburg Christian Academy. The Christian Academy buildings are owned by Wickenburg Unified School District. The bond will pay for 29 roofs to be replaced totaling over 338,000 square feet.

    Roofing Projects


    HVAC Unit
    393 HVAC units will be replaced with the bond funds. Here we see a new unit being placed on the roof of the Wickenburg High School gym. Wickenburg Unified School District administration has been able to negotiate pricing and upgrade from the initial units quoted.
    Crane lifing HVAC unites onto roof Crane lifing HVAC unites onto roof


    New Buses

    The 17 new buses paid for by the health and safety bond have arrived and were immediately put on routes. Our new buses, not including the travel bus, hold 77 passengers and include a child check system to ensure no student is left on a bus. The buses are fitted with four cameras to monitor student activity and also contain an upgraded (larger than normal) air conditioning system. Our appreciation to the voters who made this possible. We were in such dire need and are so grateful.

    New Buses


    The bond video is also available in Español.

    Health & Safety Bond Passes!

    I am excited to announce that the WUSD Health & Safety Bond passed by a margin of 53% (2,519 votes) to 47% (2,228 votes). We are humbled by the outcome and grateful for a supportive community who makes the health and safety of their children a priority.

    It will now be our job to be good stewards of the resources are receiving and to keep our community informed of the progress we make in implementing the bond. To that end, the planning process has already begun. We are starting to talk with our bond underwriter about next steps and have developed a calendar of events to occur throughout the remainder of this school year.

    At this stage, we plan to sell the bonds around April of this school year and will begin some of the work during the summer months. In the weeks to come, we will establish a preliminary schedule related to the projects and purchases we will make. I fully expect that this will be at least a three-year process as all phases of the process are completed.

    We plan to provide regular updates to the community, which will focus on both budget detail and project status. You can look for ongoing information under the “bond” tab on the WUSD website, and we will also produce quarterly and annual reports.

    Again, we are very thankful for the community’s support and look forward to addressing many of the district’s most dire health and safety needs over the next few years. Please follow our progress and as always, contact us if you have questions.

    Howard C. Carlson, Ed. D.

Last Modified on December 3, 2018